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NAAFA Logo Robert Horton 'The Black Pearl' c2007   Charles Parrish 'Desmond Tutu'   Carletta Wilson 'Flight of the One-Eyed Jack' c2006   Al Doggett 'African Queen'   Earnest Thomas 'Cello Player' Robert Horton 'Chunk Ir'on That Rails Gone' c2001   Elizabeth Morris, 'Fiber...Texture...Fabric 4B/13', c2007  
Michelle Moore 'Mississippi Sammie' c2007


Welcome to the 4th annual Northwest African American Group Art Exhibition. This year’s event will feature more than 40 works reflecting the ingenuity and brilliance of Northwest Artists of African descent.

The Northwest African-American Fine Arts Association was organized in 2005 by Robert Horton and Annie Hudson-McKnight. Horton and Hudson-McKnight were intent on showcasing the work of contemporary African American artists in the Pacific Northwest. An important goal of the organization is to foster a sense of pride and develop an atmosphere of support and professionalism within the membership. The annual NAAFA exhibit displays works of vibrant creativity and style. NAAFA is committed to hosting events that demonstrate the range of artistic talent in Seattle's African American community.

Previous show viewers have commented:

"Beautiful, diverse collection of work and artists...a must see in my book."
"Powerful, a fabulous collection of artists...I look forward to more."
And, "Such a thrill to have seen the show."

Seattle PI art critic Regina Hackett has this to say, Art To Go::Exhibit A: Robert Horton

2008 Featured Artists are mother and daughter
Michelle Moore and Chloe Morris
Moore's artist statement and credo in life…:
"she/he who does not cultivate her field will die of starvation" - African Proverb...more

Innovators of Vision" Opens August 9th

Art/Not Terminal Gallery Reception: Saturday, August 9th 7pm til 10:00pm
NAAFA Artist Reception: Sunday, August 10th from 2:30pm to 6:00pm

Art/Not Terminal Gallery * 2045 Westlake Avenue, Seattle, WA.
Gallery Hours: Monday-Saturday 11:00am-6:00pm | Sunday 12:00pm-5pm

General information: email: info@pnaafa.com  | phone: 206-260-3492
Media contact: The Art Brokeress, Deborah Boone

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